Hansen & CIA SC was born in 1998 to provide a reliable and optimum solution to the clients of Patagonia in services of Foreign Trade, Logistics, Works, Human Resources, among others. Thanks to our work and trajectory, it allowed us to be a leading company in the region.

Our mission

Commit ourselves to our clients to provide a professional service by providing creative and innovative solutions adapting to their demands.

Our vision

Be recognized as the best professional services company in the region. We are proud to be strategic partners of our clients, feeling that drives us from the beginning.



We offer a complete range of services ranging from advice on technical, operational and legal aspects that make up the customs regulatory universe to the development of related activities according to the changing needs of the international buying and selling operations.

  • Customs broker.
  • Foreign trade.
  • Import
  • Export
  • Integral Advice in International Trade.
  • Management of Export and Import Boarding Permits.
  • Customs advice and tariff classification of goods.
  • Transits, transfers, TLMD / TLAT / TRAS.
  • Reimports
  • Imports in general.
  • Guides removed, unsealed.
  • Customs management of private, commercial and industrial international removals.
  • Evaluation of import and export costs in large investment projects (staggered - offshore).
  • Temporary Importation Administration.
  • Contracting of maritime, air and land freight, local and international.
  • Autorizaciones, certificaciones y declaraciones ante la Secretaria de Industria, SENASA, etc.


Specialized stevedores for uploading and downloading of fish, oil and gas pipelines and others all kind of materials for oil industry. Hour, daily or week contracts, in all ports of Patagonia.
Duties of complex accomplishment such as Pipes laying on sea floors.
This service is provided along ports, vessels, Platforms sub maritime. The company is enable by all the government environmental authorities (Coastguard: S-98 / S34./ Local authority: 022/04 720. Environment: file 401.787/MEyOP/07. Trnasports: 165/03, file 1031.).
Volquetes para residuos u obras en general, elementos de izaje, grúas, montacargas, camiones semi, con hidrogrua, volcadores, trailers, maquinaria pesada (topadoras, motoniveladoras, retro), personal especializado en el manejo de cada elemento.
Removal of household and hazardous waste, final disposal, specialized personnel, service provider in general.
Removal of household and hazardous waste, final deposition, moorings, tenders in general, transportation of spare parts and accessories, hardware and supplies supplier.
Nuestra empresa a participado en cargas y descarga, transporte común y especializado, alquiler de depósitos en todos los grandes proyectos que han ingresado por Puerto Punta Quilla y Puerto Punta Loyola.
With lid or without lid to collect household waste, ponds to collect slop, liquids, canteen, etc.
For transportation of quarry material, gravel, sand, etc.
Storage, loading and unloading of merchandise in bulk or palletized, daily, weekly, monthly, capacity and infrastructure to make repairs to oil tools.


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